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EVOLUTION MARTIAL ARTS offers PRACTICAL Self-Defense courses for the real world.
It is important to bear in mind that nothing is ever guaranteed, particularly the randomness and
savagery of a personal attack.  Unfortunately, nothing is more real or eye opening than the same.
Fighting back can increase your chances of survival by as much as 86%. Being properly
prepared can potentially raise that figure even more.

While we do feel vocalization is important, we don't promote the feel good "NO,
NO, NO" classes so often seen on TV talk shows. We also feel that any school or
organization that claims to have 'survived multiple brutal street fights' does not
know enough about staying out of trouble to teach ANYTHING about self-defense,
because the first basic rule is to MINIMIZE the possibility of conflict. Nor do we put
on SWAT uniforms and claim 'extensive knowledge of effective combat tactics'
because every situation is unique.
We deal in concepts; STRONG concepts, but concepts just the same. Nothing is
ever GUARANTEED, but you never know what might save your life. Our classes
are designed to explain options, demonstrate techniques and allow you to practice
these techniques. We can help explain legal ramifications, safe travel and how to
heighten your awareness.

These seminars are available at no charge approximately 5 times each year. Our
seminars are typically Women's Self-Defense seminars, however, seminars can be offered
in Co-Ed Groups, Women, Couples, Men, or Children. These are available as 2
hour seminars. We also offer free seminars to community groups at your location
or ours, so please call today to see if your organization is eligible. Private
companies or organizations pay a nominal fee. Also, please contact us if you
would like to be notified of upcoming seminars.