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EVOLUTION MARTIAL ARTS offers  two great programs for the often neglected
Pre-School crowd. Many young children are interested in doing what their older siblings do
but are often told they are too young.
Not at Evolution Martial Arts.
We believe that this is a great time to begin teaching children the fundamentals of Martial Arts
in a fun and productive atmosphere that is geared directly toward these age groups.
We have had great results with these classes in the past and both are a GREAT start to your
child's development.
Please call today, enrollment is open and spaces are always available.
Tiny Tumblers are ages 3 and 4 and this class stresses balance and the
development of gross motor skills. We roll, run and kick our way through these
classes. Students remain white belts throughout the length of this program but are
rewarded for their progress through belt stripes, stickers and parent-teacher
enthusiasm. These classes meet once per week for a half-hour session.
Small Samurai is our introduction to Martial Arts program for children ages 5 and 6. These
children are taught basic kicks, blocks, punches and self-defense moves in a fun, friendly
environment. We teach through games, races and repetition. Children learn to develop
flexibility, balance, strength, speed and self-control. Most importantly students learn about
structure and the development of good habits.  Small Samurai students progress through a
'mini-rank' system from Small Samurai White Belt to Small Samurai Black Belt (a white belt
with a black stripe through the middle). Upon completion of the Small Samurai Program these
students progress into our regular class as High White Belts. These classes meet twice per
week once for an age-specific half-hour session and once for a session with our regular class.