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At Evolution Martial Arts all classes are taught by professional, caring instructors who
believe that cultivation of UNDERSTANDING is just as important as the ability to learn
movements and forms. Our core philosophy as a school is that we respect and learn from
traditions of the past but are not afraid to look to the future and grow in as many ways as possible.
We are less pre-occupied with rank than we are in instilling knowledge.
We offer Taekwondo/Hapkido, Martial Arts for Fitness and general Self-Defense classes.
What we practice is an Art Form, a Form of Self-Defense and a Way of Life. We help to build
life skills and while we believe that disciplining is important it is secondary to instilling
SELF-discipline. Most importantly, we all want to have fun. Enjoying what we all do, keeps us all
doing it.

Evolution Martial Arts is a family owned and operated Martial Arts School.

Our Guilford location is conveniently located close to the Branford town line and I-95, making it
easily accessible to residents of Madison, Guilford, Branford and anyone heading to and from
New Haven!
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